Aug 12

Leaf Swing

We love this! Handmade leaf swing in solid Cerejeira wood (South american Oak).






Feb 11

Tone is Important and Beautiful

Both of these beautifully designed pieces of furniture are Leif Designpark designs.

The Tone Cabinet is made of American black walnut, American cherry and chestnut. Stunning.

The Tone Kids Chair and Table have been “specially designed to give kids a natural and positive surrounding by utilizing solid timber and environmentally friendly materials for that unmistakable sense of touch.”


Feb 11

Top of The Toy Chests

When searching for ideas to inspire us to craft a toy box to hold our baby’s ever mounting toy collection, we found this beautifully handmade oak toy chest / blanket box…

The online shop Bouf says…”Ideal to keep all toys, shoes and clutter out of sight. This oak toy box has been built to last and will be passed from generation to generation. Solid oak frame construction with visible joint detail on legs adding visual interest. Oak veneer panels inset to the solid oak frame. The perfect wedding or christening present!”


Feb 11

Furniture for Learning, Playing and Sweet Dreams

Create a lovely space for your children to learn, play and dream with modern design, clean lines and most importantly with a bit of fun sprinkled in.

Jan 11

Innovative Shelving

We love the LagoLINEA shelving design…

LAGO says…”The LagoLINEA system has a slim and simple design, conceived to offer maximum freedom when designing wall compositions. Its what is left after reducing a common grid bookshelf.

The essence of LagoLINEA is a practical, minimalistic solution to storing books, audio visual and accessories. Unique shapes can be created to tell a personal story. The LagoLINEA systems simplicity in it basic materials brings aesthetic value and combines innovative ideas which are price accessible.

From now on, everybody will be able to express themselves through lines!”