Aug 12

Leaf Swing

We love this! Handmade leaf swing in solid Cerejeira wood (South american Oak).






Mar 11

Gorgeous Gate

A wooden gate for your garden or drive way can provide a pretty entrance to your home, as well and improving security and privacy.

This chestnut gate featured on Bouf.com…”aims at not only performing a practical function, it is eye catching and tactile, designed specifically for its intended environment. The chestnut has been split to follow the natural grain of the timber. The hinges and latch are hand forged, complimenting the organic form of the wood.”


Feb 11

In the Spirit of Valentine’s Day, this is a Seriously Romantic Gift

The ultimate Saint Valentine’s Day gift for an oak lover ;o)

The online shop Bouf says…”A sculptural loveseat suitable for outdoors in solid English Oak…Each piece is massive, enduring and solid as a rock, and there is a tenderness and grace of line that fills it with life. The fantastic rotational symmetry makes it a vibrant abstract sculpture; careful consideration of the human form makes it a comfortable, functional seat.”  The Times – Rob Cassy (author of Garden UK)


Oct 10

Secret Garden Bird and Bug Boxes

“Spontaneous City in the Tree of Heaven” by London Fields

These fabulous boxes have been so cleverly designed, as detailed in www.dezeen.com:

“These bird and bug boxes have been installed by art and architecture collective London Fieldworks around trees across London in clusters inspired by neighbouring housing.

Spontaneous city in the Tree of Heaven consists of two sculptures with one in Cremorne Gardens in Chelsea and Kensington, and the other in Duncan Terrace Gardens in Islington.”


Sep 10

The Ultimate Treehouse

Orion B&B Treehouse

Enough to make the Ewoks jealous!

What an amazing idea!  From the Guardian website:

“Factor in the swimming pool in a clearing that’s kept healthy with gravel and plants, rather than chlorine, and the experience is gently flecked with eco-green. But comfortably so: all the treehouses come with bathrooms and Wi-Fi, so kids can have an adventure in Mowgli, attached to the parent-friendly King Louie. With most treehouses costing less than £100 a night, including breakfast and access to a kitchen, this is an unlikely but very welcome addition to the slew of luxury hotels in the south of France.”