Nov 13

Rainbow Tree

Stunning Rainbow Eucalyptus from Kailua Hawaii; and spider web cocooned trees in Pakistan.

See more photographs of amazing mother nature on the Higher Perspective website here

Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees Spider Web Trees


Aug 12

Leaf Swing

We love this! Handmade leaf swing in solid Cerejeira wood (South american Oak).






Oct 11

We are now proud Members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen

In October 2011 we were very happy to be welcomed into The Guild of Master Craftsmen. Through an interview and references we had to prove that we have earned the right to be called master craftsmen – through the quality of our work, our commitment to customer care and the level of service we provide. To learn more about the Guild see their websites http://www.guildmc.com and http://www.findacraftsman.com/

Oct 11

This is what we call Wild Wood!


We love the ILOVEDUST (graphic designers) new studio office in London – reclaimed wood heaven.



Oct 11

Wild Wood Windows

This is a structural bay frame window we made last month. It’s made from softwood with a sapele hardwood cill. Isn’t it pretty…and this is before the painting has been finished

Apr 11

TV Unit and Bookshelf

Both stylish and functional, this piece provides both storage and a lovely place to display a flat screen TV, your favourite books and ornaments.

A unit like this could be created in different wood and finishes to suit your existing home decor.


Apr 11

Silhouette Chair

We’ve noticed a few designers have incorporated a silhouette style in their pieces recently. Bryce and Kerry Moore say they developed Context Furniture based on inspiration from both the modernism movement and arts and crafts style. A hardwood stripe is incorporated in every piece, reinforcing the marriage of craft with graphic, industrial with natural, mass production with hand craftsmanship.


Mar 11

Oak Tree Radiator Cover, Storage and Bench

This piece is fantastic – a radiator cover which also offers storage and a warm bench. Brilliant!

Currently being sold on Bouf, they say…”The design allows for cool air to be drawn in under and around the baskets and then the warm air is circulated around the room through the holes in the back rest. The front panel is hinged so that access can be gained easily to the radiator.”


Mar 11

Staircase Art

These beautiful stairs were designed by Alex Haw – an architect and artist at Atmos Studios.

Alex says…”The stair is a continuation and intensification of the simple graphic skirting board lines that trace their way through the house. As they turn the corner into the stair void, they expand like a genie released from a lamp.”


Mar 11

Gorgeous Gate

A wooden gate for your garden or drive way can provide a pretty entrance to your home, as well and improving security and privacy.

This chestnut gate featured on Bouf.com…”aims at not only performing a practical function, it is eye catching and tactile, designed specifically for its intended environment. The chestnut has been split to follow the natural grain of the timber. The hinges and latch are hand forged, complimenting the organic form of the wood.”